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Ceylan doner knife, Saran NG5,  daily capacity: 50 kg

Ceylan doner knife, Saran NG5, daily capacity: 50 kg

Saran NG5 Döner, gyros, chicken kebab and Shoarma Knife
Powerful cutting with endurance Cut with „Devran“ and it comes off good! ...
With Devran®, working becomes handy and convenient
With the patented slice thickness control you can easily set the desired slice thickness.
You will always have an efficient and clean cut.
Devran® also offers extensive service and there will be a contact person available for you any time.
Our products comply with all requirements of the device safety regulations (Germany).

Ceylan Saran NG5 Elektrikli Döner Kesme Makinesi
Ceylan Saran NG5 Elektrische Döner / -Gyros Schneidegeräte
Ceylan Saran NG5 Electrical Doner Gyrsos Cutter
Ceylan Saran NG5 Eléctrica doner aparato de corte
Ceylan Saran NG5 Elettrico doner taglio apparecchio
Ceylan Saran NG5 Couteau Électrique de doner

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